How to Unlock Your Superpower Easily


When we hear about someone have  the ability to make something extraordinary, we just think about one thing that’s unique power and we have to talk  a lot with our friends and family about that strange person and going mad it’s incredible how he can do that but we didn’t recognize why he have superpower? some people didn’t believe in superpowers and extra abilities in human although we hear a lot of this people in media or TV breaking news and researches proves that everyone on earth have a lot of superpowers in his inner self.

You can change whole your life and achieve exactly what do you want in your life if you want to be millionaire , successful writer, famous businessman not only that ordinary dreams it also makes you discover what superpower you have ever known in your self

There’s a lot of  people  discovered their power, they have unique power and we will know the secret of their superpower

Ben is the first example of superpower when he had 2 years he suffered from retinal cancer  in his eyes and doctor removed them at three years old but Ben lived his childhood very normal with his ability at 5 years, Echolocation that’s what can Ben Underwood do he can see through listing , he used to do a simple practice to be aware of all sounds around him  he had to make quick clicks with his tongue. Not only awareness and detect  everything around him , he can playing with another children football and video games

ben.jpgHai Ngoc is a man who ‘s born in 1973 , he never slept since he was born and his body works very normally ! it’s really amazing

never slept.jpgWim Hof that’s his real name but his famous one is ” ice man ” his nickname describes exactly his superpower he can stay in cold weather specially in ice mountains without feeling cold and can swim in iced water without problems and running marathon without feeling tired , win told us when you practice your body to be strengthen you can prevent any diseases to penetrate your body

fit size.jpgThis girl have a deep sight , she can see your organs and their family called her ” supervision”

vision.jpgStephen have a crazy memory in drawing , once he looks at something in first sight then he can draw the shape or city in full details accuracy, he can draw new York city after

memory.jpgSulbin is working a fisherman but people called him ” Aqua man ” because of his ability to hunt on the ocean floor at depths of 20-30 meters for over 10 minutes

fisher.jpgDaniel Browning is known as ”rubber man” because of his flexibility , he can turning his own torso 180 degree, he can fit his entire body through unstrung tennis racket

rubber.jpgAnother example of superpower this boy can read in darkness , he can see all novels and stories in darkness very clearly by flashlight from his eyes reflected on books when he read any thing

reading.jpgVeronica ‘s superpower is better eye sight than from normal average her ability 20x better than normal people, she could  know and identify people more than a mile away

eyes.jpgShakuntala Devi is a super computer but in human shape , she lived in India and her ability solving any complicated calculations in seconds as an example : 458,963,271,896*645,985,524,843 her responded in 13 seconds only

math.jpgThis blind man can see the street and people very clear in spite of losing his sight


The secret key to discover a superpower like the above examples and achieve what you want is Meditation. It’s a simple practice to create miracles in your life

What’s Meditation ?


”Meditate let the light of your heart engulf you” meditation is not concentration , some exercises, loss of control or mental effort , it’s meaning more deep than that words Meditation is a precise technique  for resting your mind and fulfill a state of consciousness more than the normal waking state .

The  importance  in meditation that keeps your mind calm without negative thoughts and transfer this negative thoughts to positive thinking and then the relaxation of physical body  so some people needs meditation to slow down their thoughts and actions to keep a deep state of concentration that makes their happiness and calamity of thoughts achieved

What Are Meditation Types ?


1.Concentration  Meditation: It helps you to over come distraction and to be more concentrate and focus effectively.

2.Reflective Meditation: That’s the most important type of meditation that called the analytical meditation because you will be focus on your mind as an example you will think about your  role  in your universe ? what ‘s my real purpose ? after making frequently sessions of this technique you will discover your superpower in yourself .

3.Mindfulness Meditation: This type  of meditation used for those who suffered from anxiety and depression .

4.Heart centered Meditation: It can removes all your fear and sadness that  meditation technique make healing to your heart but that result needed to practice  a lot on true steps and choose a suitable place .

5.Creative Meditation: It called visualized meditation, this type of meditation  technique can make your mind is more powerful and increase your quality in your mind like joy, empathy and love.

Top 10 benefits existed in Meditation


  • Mood and stress levels will be greatly improved

  •  It can helps your body to facilitate Psoriasis  treatment

  •  It can protects you from schizophrenia

  •  It prevents cardiovascular Diseases

  •  It helps and controls asthma symptoms

  •  It helps beat addiction

  •  It improves your immune system

  •  It helps you lose weight

  •  It  prevents Alzheimer’s

  •  It improves cognitive function

    How can you do meditation in your home?

”The true practice in meditation is to sit if you are drinking water when you are very thirsty” a lot of people  create  spaces in our home for all purpose to live better like TV room for entertainment, room for sleeping , room for guests and now make your own relaxation room in your home you surely needs this room to be special to experience Stillness and Silence

First Step : Choose location in your home and keeping it clean


Second step : Add nature scene in your room , plants makes us relax all the time


Third step: Bring Fresh air to your room and play soft music


Forth step: Lights will make difference and keeps your mobile off


When you prepare the suitable room you can start do meditation techniques in simplest way ever but before you start relax your mind from overthinking  in your live to get best result if you still have problem to be calm down your mind from thinking  and focus just start count numbers and repeat them slowly and light a small candle in front of you with music then close your eyes and focus on your breath , let this focus to broaden your body, expand your feeling to anything touching your body and expand your awareness to everything you can hear and sense . you will see the changes in your life by doing this practice daily for 10 minutes

Below picture shows us the brain after doing meditation in the left side in picture but the right side the brain when it doesn’t practiced with meditation sessions


There are a lot of resources to learn more about meditation techniques


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