7 Gorgeous Back to School Hair Styles

When your princess  had to go to school you need to make her  hair very quickly and easy, but if you would like to be different and gorgeous mom and making your daughter happy and looks awesome then you are in the right place.

Making a different style to your daughter’s hair in school or for you at work you always thinking about one thing how to make my hair secured and beautiful everyday without being worried and trying to fix it every 10 minutes that will happened if your hair still away from  your face,  you will learn it to make your hair style in few steps in only 15 minutes.

Double Braided Buns


This hairstyle you can do it in your school or university, it just take 4 minutes to do it . you have to divide your hair into 2 parts and use the brush to make your hair fluffy, then you had to make two braids on the right side and on the left side, but when you make any braid you have to pull up softly the sides of braid to make it more bigger

The last step to wrap each braid on the back side not on front first to make a perfect shape of bun, make this in each braid.

Lady Gaga Hair Bow


It’s the easiest and quickest hairstyle you will take only 3 minutes to do it, in first you will make a high ponytail on the top and brush the hair to be silky and smooth, then when you wrap the last loop of elastic make it in the half of the hair to be fluffy shape

Next step  we will divide that shape into two loops and the remained ponytail you simply wrap them up between the two loops of bow and finally wrap the right part of this ponytail around the right part of bow and the left part of ponytail around the left part of bow for more secured you can put a little booby under each side of bow

Stacked Bubble Braid


You will start with an accent french braid on the top of the head, then pull up all hair to make it high ponytail with an elastic and  finally step always the easiest step just put an small elastic in every 2 or 3 inches of the ponytail and pull the side of the hair to make it as a bubble, it’s really amazing and easy. you can make it in only 5 minutes.

Crown Twist Braid


That’s fascinating style will take only 7 minutes to do if you follow this simple steps. In The Beginning will take a part of the hair from the left side above the hair and divide it into half ( 2 sections )  then  make a rope braid you will twist  the left part and cross the left part which will keep the twist is looking perfect.

Now  continue rope braid  and move around in the front of the face , you will make it just above  the opposite ear then near the nape of the neck.

After finishing it you can put the end of rope braid under the front one to be perfect shape and you can also add some hairspray


The knotted headband


Another brilliant  which  looks complex and needs to be professional hairstylist  to do it but in fact that’s not true what you need only to do this gorgeous easily by following step by step.

Before starting any step you should wet the hair and put on it pomade to control flyways, In the first step you will take a small section and divide it into two parts, then you take that small parts and tying them like your shoes ( you will do this step two more times ) after creating your third strands, bring the first strands under the two strands and doing like the first step tying your shoes

The last step after finishing the required braid headband as you want, you need to wrap the hair from the bottom by elastic and put a little booby to secure the hair with some hairspray


Fluffy Fishtail

fluffy fishtail.jpg

You can begin with a fishtail braid on the top of  the hair and wrap it to make it a high  ponytail, then you take rat- tail comb and back the comb the top half of the hair , start combing the hair down to the roots to make its volume

you can use after that smooth brush to make all hair straight, you can see the hair volume is looking very fantastic begin with the middle of this bony tail to make a fishtail braid and finally you can add some accessories in the hair

Rick Rack Braid


That’s very beautiful and unique hair style to make it easily you need to take a part from left side in the front of your head and divide this part into three to make a normal braid after doing this braid just pull up softly with your fingers the parts of the braid to make it looking big.

you can see more techniques of hairstyles in below links:







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